February 20
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Social Democrat Hunchakian Party decided to leave the board of trustees of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

The party said they have no confidence in the activities of the office functioning in Los Angeles, the Voice of America reported.

The move comes two days after Executive Director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund submitted resignation after being arrested on embezzlement charges.

The party said the Los Angeles office of the Fund was coordinated by Vardanyan who appointed the staff of the office, while the board of trustees had no right to control the process.

“Even being in jail, Ara Vardanyan continued heading the Los Angeles office,” the party said in statement.

The party said a meeting of the Board was planned on July 6, however, several hours before the meeting the Los Angeles office issued a statement in an attempt to soften Vardanyan’s actions and trying to persuade that the funds raised by the donors were not spent.

The party is angered by the fact that after being released on bail, Ara Vardanyan continued heading the Fund’s activities which they call “an immoral” decision and is insulting to all Armenians.

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