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109 years have passed since the beginning of one of the most heinous crimes committed in human history: the Armenian Genocide,  Fabio Massimo Castaldo, and Italian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) said.

In an interview with Armenpress, Castaldo noted that two years of indiscriminate executions, forced deportations, and all kinds of atrocities have remained hidden for too long, and are still denied by too many actors.

“It is paramount that the whole international community recognizes and condemns these crimes unequivocally, not only to give justice to the victims but also to ensure that the past will not repeat itself.

We all know the hurdles that the Armenian people have had to endure in these last years, the crimes committed against them, and the risks for further atrocities. Now, we must all work together to put an end to these sufferings.

We must work together towards peace, security, and stability in the region. We must all work together for a prosperous future for the Armenian people, a future that is and must be within our common European family,'' said the Italian MEP.

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