February 23
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YEREVAN.- Armenia's second president intends to return to politics for two reasons: firstly, he is worried about the geopolitical situation and the dangers threatening the country; secondly, he is not sure that the current authorities have enough experience and knowledge. Kocharyan stated this in an interview with "Yerkir Media" TV channel.

"Why do I think that I must return to politics? There are two reasons for this, and the first one - all the risks that I see today, proceed from the geopolitical situation. Just look at the map, look - where Armenia is and what countries are surrounded by, what are its relations with these countries," he noted.

The second president shared his views on the relationship between Russia and the US, the US and Iran, as well as the behavior of Turkey and the intention of Georgia to become a member of NATO. "Let's try to link all this together and see what we have in Armenia today. There is a government that, in my opinion, does not understand all this. It has no experience and does not understand that they can not bring discredit upon the army. This government is far from the army and does not understand that only a powerful army is a real guarantor of our statehood. The steps of this government violate the balance that Armenia has reached with such difficulty, "Kocharyan noted.

According to him, the new government inadequately assesses what is happening outside of Armenia, and it can be explained by the lack of experience.


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