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Armenia was not ready for the Armenia-Turkey normalization process in 2009. Turkey took advantage of all of its opportunities, got what it wanted and stopped it, while Armenia didn’t get anything out of it. This is what head of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly Edmon Marukyan told journalists at Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial today (PHOTOS).

According to him, Armenia has to prepare before undertaking any initiative so that mankind wins, the Armenian Genocide is recognized, the borders are opened and diplomatic relations are established.

“There is no alternative to the opening of the borders, but all the issues need to be considered and decisions need to be adopted before that. Experience has shown that Armenia didn’t get anything by expressing its willingness for the restart of relations without preconditions,” Marukyan said.

He noted that it was initially clear that Turkey was going to link the Karabakh issue to the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations. Similarly, Turkey’s blockade of Armenia also serves the interests of Azerbaijan.

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