October 16
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Suspension of the case of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and other ex-officials is escalating the situation even more and showing that the statements made yesterday were linked to the change of the preventive measure for Kocharyan. This is what deputy of the Bright Armenia parliamentary faction Mane Tandilyan told journalists today.

Talking about the special session convened by the Bright Armenia Party following the call of Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to close the entrances to and exits from all courts, she stated the following: “I believe we can all state the fact that it was an extraordinary situation and that there are several questions that can be considered within the domain of the National Assembly. This also concerns the instrumentation for transitional justice. As far as Pashinyan’s statement on vetting is concerned, you know that Bright Armenia had talked about this in the past, but there hasn’t been any action to this day. Vetting should have taken place right after shift of power.”

According to Tandilyan, the Bright Armenia Party is ready to support reforms in courts and vetting. She believes the concerns of the political party about Pashinyan’s call were confirmed. “We expressed the concern that what happened as an action may be used against Armenia by European courts. Robert Kocharyan’s attorney Hayk Alumyan confirmed this and expressed gratitude for this action. I regret to say this because I wouldn’t like to see Robert Kocharyan’s trial reach a point where a decision is rendered against Armenia.”

The deputy stressed the fact that, taking into consideration the fact that there are corrupt judges and that the public has no confidence in courts, the authorities of the Republic of Armenia have lost time.

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