May 29
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I have read the conclusion. I believe there are many problematic points in the conclusion and that permitting operation of the Amulsar gold mine in these conditions will be very problematic. This is what deputy of the My Step faction Varazdat Karapetyan told journalists before the meeting with Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan at the office of the Civil Contract Party today.

He emphasized that there are several problems with the expert examination conducted by Advanced Resources Development (ELARD) and the conclusion and clarified that he isn’t questioning the conclusion of the company, but he believes there are points under which there can’t be any operation of the gold mine.

As for the opinion that deputies of the My Step faction who have always gone against operation of the mine should drop their mandates now and when asked if he is ready to drop his mandate, Karapetyan said the political aspect should be addressed after the meeting with the Prime Minister.

Earlier, Armenian had reported that the Investigative Committee has released the results of the complex expert examination related to operation of the gold mine near Mount Amulsar and that Advanced Resources Development (ELARD) had been assigned to conduct the examination.

Based on the results of the examination, 16 points were stated in the conclusion, and the environmental risks will become manageable, if those points are observed.

Currently, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is having a meeting with residents of Jermuk. At the same time, a protest against operation of the Amulsar gold mine is taking place in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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