September 28
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I watched Pashinyan’s live and felt sorry for him. Here is a person who has fed the people with fairy tales about the misuses and corruption schemes of the authorities of the given period for years and has now become the first person who refutes all that he has said throughout the years. This is what former deputy of the Republican Party of Armenia Margarit Yesayan wrote on her Facebook page, with the following caption: “Amulsar mirrors the lies of Nikol”.

“He would talk about the licenses that were given for exploitation of the Amulsar gold mines through bribery, but now it turns out that there was no bribe or fake license. He would talk about nature protection, but not it turns out that there is no such issue. What’s more, he wasted $400,000 from the state budget to prove that. Recently, Nikol instructed to close the gates of the National Assembly in front of the “proud” citizens and applied the brutal force of police officers to repress the people who were once his teammates. Nikol, if you were blaming the former authorities for corruption, falsehood and unlawful acts, today you are doing what the former authorities were doing — you declare that the Amulsar gold mine has to be exploited and that this is important for our country, you say there is no environmental issue, etc. Conclusion: we, the former authorities, made the right decisions, there was no corrupt transaction, there was no fake license or misuse, and you, Nikol-Prime Minister, cheated people with lies and phony statements as a member of the opposition. You manipulated people for years and came to power. If we, as the former authorities, were corrupt, as you would call us by ripping your throat out, then you are also corrupt because today you made the same decision that the former authorities had made. This is the case when, faced with two choices to make, there is no lesser of two evils for you because you yourself have become an evil for the country,” she wrote.

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