May 29
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YEREVAN. – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan greeted guests and distinguished speakers of the World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT 2019).

“Dear international guests, distinguished speakers and Armenian compatriots,

It is my privilege and great pleasure to welcome you all to the World Congress of Information Technology, held in Armenia. I sincerely hope that over the next three days, you will have a chance to enjoy everything that Yerevan has to offer.

I am extremely proud to learn that this is the first time in the WCIT’s 40-year history that the Congress is taking place in a small nation like Armenia. The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) represents 90 percent of the global ICT community and frequently influences international public policy in IT matters. The WITSA’s decision to hold this Congress in Yerevan is a compelling acknowledgement of Armenia’s status as a global technology hub.

Innovation and enterprise have long been central pillars of Armenian identity. Throughout history, the Armenian people have produced scientists, engineers and inventors, who have disproportionately contributed to the progress of humanity and the raising of global living standards. As a Soviet Republic, Armenia nurtured a technology ecosystem which garnered it a reputation as “the Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union”. Since Independence, Armenia has consolidated its position as a technology-driven economy.

The Armenian Government has declared ICT as a strategic area of focus, passing legislation designed to attract international technology firms, and nurture a native industry. My administration has laid out a vision for our country which places IT at its core. In order to reach our goal of turning Armenia into a global tech leader, we are committed to reforming our education system, upgrading strategic infrastructure and investing in human resources.

Today Armenian startups boast a significant presence in Silicon Valley. Armenia’s technological prowess continues to be felt throughout the tech ecosystem, be it at large tech giants or innovative startups. To ensure the preeminence of Armenian tech well into the future, we will multiply our efforts to promote the proper educational and institutional infrastructure to meet the needs of a dynamically developing industry. This will allow local firms as well as multinational corporations to operate in Armenia while benefiting from the Armenian Diaspora’s strong network and vast resources.

As the host-country for the WCIT 2019, Armenia provides an invaluable setting which will gather the world’s leading thought-leaders, business leaders and political figures to discuss some of the most significant questions facing the future of technology, the results of which may have far-reaching social, economic and political ramifications for all of humankind.

I am certain that Armenia will live up to the critical role that we have taken on.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Armenia.”

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