October 01
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If in the context of the first half of the year we had an excess of tax revenues of AMD 63 billion, then, according to nine months, this figure is higher by AMD 52.9 billion or 5.2% in relation to the adjusted figure for the first half of the year, the head of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia David Ananyan told reporters on Wednesday.

“We predict that in the third quarter the underfulfillment will be at the level of AMD 20-22 billion, but essentially the underfulfillment will be at the level of 10 billion. That is, the pace is much better than you can imagine when summing up the half-year results. The refined program indicator of tax revenues for nine months amounted to AMD 1 trillion 61 billion 500 million. We see that we have overfulfillment in the amount of AMD 17.7 billion or 1.7%,” he said.

According to him, the execution for the collection of tax revenues for nine months of last year amounted to AMD 887 billion 700 million, and for the same period this year, an amount of AMD 1 trillion 79 billion was recorded, that is, an increase of 21.6%. According to semi-annual data, overfulfillment was 24.7%.

As regards tax excess payments paid by taxpayers, the head of the SRC noted that, as of January 1, 2018, excess payments were at the level of AMD 132.5 billion, on January 1 of this year, this figure dropped to AMD 21.5 billion, but now as of October, AMD 9.2 billion, which is a very good indicator. 

“This means that we have repaid the declared tax liabilities due to overpayments recorded in previous periods. That is, they were not considered tax revenue for the budget,” he said.

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