December 06
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The criminal case also involves former Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan, owner of Flash company Barsegh Beglaryan, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Samvel Galstyan, and former head of the Ministry's Department of Crop Production Gevorg Harutyunyan.

Sargsyan was welcomed by his supporters near the court as he arrived for the first hearing on Tuesday. In a brief speech Sargsyan thanked the crowd saying they “came to defend justice”. Ex-president also mentioned the independence of Artsakh, which is above everything. He asked his supporters to return home, to engage in their daily work, but not forgetting about Armenia's security.

Ex-officials are charged with organizing, inciting and assisting large-scale appropriation or squander, whereas former Minister of Agriculture under the article on large-scale appropriation or squander.

“Due to the sharp rise of the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Italy, we call on citizens of the Republic of Armenia who are currently in Italy or wish to travel to Italy to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Italy and transfer information about the period of stay in Italy and contacts,” the statement says.

The embassy recommended following the instructions of Armenian health ministry and the relevant authorities of Italy.

In another move to prevent coronavirus spread, Armenia Airways announced that the company has decided to partially limit its flights from Armenia to Iran.

“Dear compatriots, on Sunday, March 1, at 6 p.m., I invite all of you to a march dedicated to the memory of the victims of the events that took place on March 1, 2008,” he wrote.

Tovmasyan has filed a claim to oblige Pashinyan to apologize for offensive remarks and refute his defamatory information.