September 28
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We all understand that Armenia will be in a new legal reality after the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that the concept of restrictions on human rights will also undergo and is already undergoing changes is not disputed. This is what deputy of the My Step faction of the National Assembly of Armenia, Chair of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Vladimir Vardanyan stated during a discussion on the bill on making supplements to the Law on the Legal Regime of State of Emergency today.

“I have always been, am and will be a supporter for the application of coarser measures to fight against the pandemic, but a measure has to be coarse and effective at the same time. I don’t rule out the fact that there might be a need to use telecommunication measures in a certain stage as a last resort, and I don’t know if we have reached this stage,” he said.

He also touched upon people who have tested positive for coronavirus and stated the following: “The people infected with coronavirus aren’t criminals. They don’t want to conceal anything. I officially declare that the relevant authorities have the right to explore any information about me, and I give my consent. Perhaps we need to pass this stage so we can move forward,” Vladimir Vardanyan concluded.

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