October 04
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What the Ministry of Health of Armenia is doing today is ten times more than what citizens could expect from the ministry that had been operating with 1.5% of the GDP for state expenditures for years, and the ministry’s actions are due to the self-dedicated service of medical workers and the employees of other government agencies. This is what Minister of Health of Armenia Arsen Torosyan wrote on his Facebook page today.

He also presented the curves of Armenia and different countries that show the speed at which the coronavirus cases are doubling. Torosyan said Armenia is currently under the seven-day pace, meaning the cases are doubling once every seven days.

“If we assume that this pace is maintained, on April 7, Armenia will have 1,000 cases, on April 14 — 2,000 and so on. Our objective is to make sure the pace gradually decelerates.

If the pace is maintained and doesn’t become flat like the pace of South Korea, Armenia will have to “treat” patients at home through a slight procedure or without symptoms. I don’t think this is a desired scenario. It is in the context of the aforementioned that it is important for people to stay home and strictly follow the instructions for self-isolation. This is exactly why it is important for us to record the violations and return people to their places of self-isolation. This is not an end in itself, but a tool for direct influence on the pace of spread of the infectious disease,” he added.

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