July 24
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Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan today convened a consultation devoted to the course of implementation of agricultural loan programs.

The Prime Minister was particularly reported on the course of implementation of the program for management and competitiveness of agricultural resources in villages and the program for development of value chains (the two programs were piloted in 2019).

Within the scope of the first program, last year, agricultural cooperatives were provided with 612 pieces of agricultural equipment, new pastures and a 42 km water pipeline were created. This year, the cooperatives will receive 190 pieces of agricultural equipment, and a 41 km water pipeline will be built.

Through the second program, companies implementing agricultural projects are given grants, and new service centers for cattle-breeding are built in various villages.

Prime Minister Pashinyan attached importance to effective implementation of the loan programs and stated that improvement of infrastructures and the establishment of cooperatives in the agriculture sector are in the government’s focus.

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