July 10
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US President Donald Trump intends to sign an executive decree about social media, Washington Post reported.

According to its sources, this decree is designed to push federal regulators to rethink section 230 of the communications ethics law. This law significantly exempts technology companies from liability for comments, videos, and other content left by users.

On Wednesday, Trump publicly threatened to move to tougher regulation of social networks in the US if they continue to stifle conservative voices His remarks came after one of his tweets has been tagged with a fact-checking warning.

Thus, the social network responded to the president’s statements that the Democrats, by mailing some residents with voting ballots at the upcoming presidential elections in November, are trying to create conditions for fraud.

According to The Washington Post sources, the draft decree suggests that complaints about the political bias of social networks will be addressed by the Federal Trade Commission. This body will be instructed to study the rules of conduct established by companies for their neutrality. In addition, the decree will contain a provision on the need for federal agencies to review the cost of advertising on social networks.

On May 23, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration is exploring the possibility of forming a commission that will identify cases of unjustified blocking of stuff in support of traditional values on social networks. According to its sources, this is due to the fact that the White House is concerned about the left bias of technology companies.

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