August 11
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The incumbent authorities of Armenia can’t surprise me anymore. I won’t even be surprised, if Speaker of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan signs the amendments to the Law on the Constitutional Court instead of the President. This is what deputy of the Prosperous Armenia Party Naira Zohrabyan told Armenian, touching upon the fact that four deputies of the My Step faction have made a proposal to provide deputies absent from parliamentary sessions due to illness with the opportunity to inform about their vote in writing, just like parliamentarians currently do, if they are on business trips.

According to Zohrabyan, it would be hard to refer to all that is happening in the country as democratic processes since the incumbent authorities are doing whatever they want with the Constitution and throwing it in the dirt. The MP is certain that the recent actions of the authorities have directly or indirectly led to violation of the requirements of the existing Constitution and can be criminally prosecuted in full.

When asked if she means that the authorities are, in essence, trying to advance and approve their agenda in any way, the deputy said the following: “They are doing just that. They keep saying the people elected them two years ago and that their government is legitimate, but they forget to say that they weren’t elected because of their dignity and achievements, but because the people were against the former authorities. If the authorities lift the state of emergency, they will see many protesters on the streets. The authorities understand this very well and don’t want to take a risk,” Zohrabyan said.

The ruling My Step bloc of the National Assembly has introduced new amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly since eight members of the bloc have already been infected with the coronavirus and there are problems with ensuring the required number of votes in parliament. Based on this, the ruling party proposes to let deputies vote remotely in case of illness.

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