July 18
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Any domain is facing a problem in Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan—chairman of the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), MP, and business tycoon—on Monday stated this during a meeting with the representatives of Gegharkunik Province.

He first referred to the socioeconomic situation in the country. "That economic crisis, the [COVID-19] pandemic no longer gives people a chance, there is no place. (…). People are in the abyss. Today, any official, leader, person in charge of the sphere is obligated to be interested in his people, tour, listen [to them], and raise the main issue and offer solutions to it. Every day you see protests against the authorities," the PAP leader said, in particular.

He noted that the representative of the given sphere should present a program for the improvement of the sphere.

Touching upon the existing problems in health care, Tsarukyan noted that the state should provide the necessary medicine to the coronavirus patients, or cover the costs of their treatment.

Tsarukyan spoke about agricultural loans, too, adding that the ecosystem of Lake Sevan must be preserved and that no one has the right to take away the livelihood of farmers. "Agricultural loans must be reviewed. If it was because of the weather (…), all of them should be forgiven," he noted, in particular, adding that the PAP MPs will raise this issue once again in the National Assembly.

Gagik Tsarukyan said that the medical issues in Armenia have two solutions: Either the money allocated by the state fund should be given with certificates to the target groups, or free of charge hospitals should be established in the country for those in need of urgent medical care, but are unable to pay for.

"If Tsarukyan expresses his point of view, then they reveal old cases—not only against Tsarukyan, but also against his teammates. If the people's salaries will increase, there will be jobs, the Karabakh issue will be resolved, pensions will increase by detaining Tsarukyan, then let them arrest, detain [me]. [But] no problem will be resolved by arresting Tsarukyan. On the contrary, Tsarukyan cautions: 'Be kind enough and pay attention,'" he added, in particular.

As for the chances of Armenia’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention, Gagik Tsarukyan noted: "It is a shame for us. We are a Christian nation. Today, they cannot conduct sex [education] classes for our kids who go to school, and reduce the class hours for the Armenian Church, Armenian History, Armenian Literature [subjects]. I have said that we will organize a rally to make the people's question heard. Today they have no right to submit and adopt any law that they propose without discussing it with the people, without knowing the opinion of the majority."

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