November 27
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Armenian-Russian relations are being corroded. This is what second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with RBK.

According to him, energy and strength are needed to nourish the relations between Russia and Armenia. “I’m concerned about what is happening in Armenia since the relations aren’t being nourished,” he stated. Asked how this is manifested, Kocharyan said the following:

“It’s manifested by the “Sorosization” of Armenia. This is the term I conditionally use…It’s not about Soros. I see what is going on. This is imposition of values that will change Armenians’ identity and their attitude towards faith, family and the eternal relations with allies. Whereas this used to be done at the level of marginal NGOs, now those marginal NGOs are in government.”

When told that there were NGOs during his administration and asked why they weren’t being shut down, Kocharyan admitted that he didn’t know there was a Soros office in Armenia.

According to Kocharyan, Armenia needs to use mechanisms to apply soft power. “I believe all countries aspire to build friendly ties on their borders, and that’s normal. Why am I concerned about the events taking place in Armenia more than those taking place in Russia? It’s because I see that in Russia statehood is a major part of Russian identity, but this isn’t the case in Armenia. The West has been trying to undermine Russian identity for years, but has failed since it is deeply rooted. In this sense, Armenia is vulnerable. Representatives of Soros are managing universities in Armenia and penetrating into all sectors. I don’t know what the average Armenian will be like in five to ten years,” Kocharyan stated.

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