July 07
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For almost a week now, the Armenian people in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenia have been resisting the Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorist attack, the scale of which is unprecedented. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan mentioned this in his address Saturday.

He noted as follows, in particular: "The enemy is attacking on a scale that, according to military experts, has not often happened anywhere in the world, in any of the conflict zones in the 21st century. Hundreds of tanks and infantry combat vehicles, thousands of projectiles and missiles, tens of planes, hundreds of UAVs, and tens of thousands of infantry have been attacking the positions of the Artsakh Defense Army along the entire line of contact for a week.

Our analysis of the previous day showed that 150-200 soldiers [of Azerbaijan] are attacking one combat position of the Artsakh Defense Army. Moreover, such attacks are repeated several times a day, accompanied by missiles and artillery, armored vehicles, aircrafts, and UAVs. According to our military, in addition to Azerbaijani [military] units, Syrian mercenaries and terrorists, special forces of the Turkish army are involved in the attacks.

According to our information, about 150 high-ranking servicemen of the Turkish army are in the command posts of various units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and lead the military operations.

This description should in itself testify to the extent of the fierce battles on the frontline. Our Artsakh Defense Army, our volunteer detachments are already fighting to the death on the sacred land of Artsakh. At the moment, we already have a lot of casualties, both military and civilian. A large number of military equipment has been rendered inoperative, but the adversary was not able to solve any strategic problem. The endurance of our soldiers, officers, generals, and freedom fighters in the face of this mob attack is unbelievable. Our soldiers and volunteers do not spare anything and show incredible examples of heroism. Today on the battlefield there are hundreds of destroyed adversary armored vehicles, dozens of aircrafts and helicopters, hundreds of UAVs, the loss of manpower to the adversary exceeds several thousand.

At the moment, fierce battles continue in different parts of the frontline. In some places the Defense Army troops are in a rather difficult situation, in some places they confidently control the situation.

We [Armenians] live in perhaps the most crucial phase of our millennial history. Azerbaijani-Turkish bandits are not only pursuing a military or military-political issue. They have not come only after the Karabakh issue. They have not come only to occupy territories, villages or cities. Their goal is the Armenians. Their goal is to continue their policy of the Armenian Genocide. They have set a goal to continue the Armenian Genocide today.

But today the Armenian, the citizen of the Republic of Armenia, the citizen of Artsakh is not a traveler of Deir ez-Zor. Today, more than ever, we are imbued with an indestructible determination to defend our identity, our Armenianness, our right.

Only victory is the end we imagine at the end of this struggle. Hours ago today, the Artsakh Defense Army carried out active counter-offensive operations and achieved significant success, defeating several special forces units. No matter how many flows of mercenary mobs it may have, the enemy cannot compete with the Armenian will to live and win. And we must work together to break the backbone of the attacking enemy, so that it will never again point his criminal hands in our direction, so that it does not look bloodily at our homeland.

Dear people,

This is a new [Battle of] Sardarapat, and each of us must dedicate himself to one goal, and the name of that goal is victory, and the name of that goal is victory."

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