November 29
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Ardshinbank has introduced new generation ATMs with the contactless reading service. For now, 44 ATMs of the bank are already new and equipped with the contactless reading module.

Using contactless ATMs is convenient and fast. By bringing the payment card close to the corresponding part, the ATM reads the card data and the client can simply enter the PIN code and realize transactions. According to Harutyun Ispiryan, the operational director of Ardshinbank, at first glance, it may seem that the difference between a conventional ATM and an ATM with the contactless technology is small. However, there is a difference.

While using the contactless ATM, the card remains in the client's hands, reducing the risk of forgetting cards in the ATM or confiscating cards by the ATM in case of technical failures.

"The quarantine caused by the coronavirus disease has caused significant changes in our daily lives, during which it is desirable to minimize communication with various surfaces.

Installing new generation ATMs is another important step in the introduction of new banking technologies. If the client's card does not have the contactless technology, the ATM can also be used in the traditional way by entering the card into the ATM. All new contactless ATMs have this functionality," said Harutyun Ispiryan, noting that the installation of new ATMs is carried out both in Yerevan and throughout Armenia, where Ardshinbank branches operate.

Note that by the end of 2020, the payment card service infrastructure of Ardshinbank includes 138 ATMs located throughout the territory of Armenia.

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