December 01
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International relations specialist Suren Sargsyan posted on his Facebook page, responding to the question whether Turkey will become more aggressive towards Armenian after Biden’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

He stated the following:

“1. I don’t think Turkey will become more aggressive towards Armenia. Turkey can become aggressive without any occasion. Examples of this are the 44-day war, as well as Libya, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus and Greece. Turkey has its calculations, interests and its scaled independence.

2. What does Armenia have to do with Biden’s recognition? Biden promised his citizens, that is, the Armenian Americans who voted for him, and he fulfilled his promise. He didn’t promise Armenia. So, let Turkey become aggressive towards the US, if it can.

In fact, if you noticed, the Americans manipulated the shock. Basically, they made sure the decision wouldn’t be shocking for Turkey. This is why US presses were filled with news about recognition of the Armenian Genocide two weeks before Biden’s recognition.

Moreover, a day before recognition, Biden called Erdogan on the phone and informed him about his decision. I think this is why Turkey’s response wasn’t very coarse. At the same time, Turkey didn’t respond coarsely so that it wouldn’t attach importance to the recognition in front of the internal audience. Turkey hasn’t even recalled its ambassador, as it usually does in such cases.”

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