June 19
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Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan and representatives of the Office of the Human Rights Defender have been carrying out fact-finding activities in Syunik Province since early this morning due to the unlawful presence of Azerbaijani soldiers in the Sev Lake territory that absolutely lacks legal grounds. This is stated in the press release issued by the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia. The press release also states the following:

“The Ombudsman and representatives were accompanied by the mayor of Goris and held discussions with civilians and servicemen.

The Ombudsman was introduced to the current situation and found out that armed Azerbaijanis, citing some clearly fake map, have breached the territorial integrity of Armenia and illegally advanced within the borders of Armenia, particularly the territory of Sev Lake and from there to civilian settlements. This act of the Azerbaijani soldiers grossly violates the rights of the residents living on the border of Armenia and is aimed at intimidating people. On the first day (May 12), the Azerbaijanis threatened the shepherd of Verishen by showing a weapon.

The Ombudsman particularly states that the presence of Azerbaijani soldiers grossly violates the international requirements of human rights and deprives the citizens of Armenia of the opportunity to be involved in cattle-raising (only source of income for their families) and use grazing fields, as well as presents a real danger for access to irrigation water and drinking water, as well as their life and security.

The mentioned unlawful act of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces proves once again the absolute need of the Ombudsman’s proposal to set up a buffer zone which will provide the opportunity to guarantee the rights and peaceful life of the borderline residents of Armenia.

The Ombudsman talked to the officers and soldiers performing their service heroically and with self-dedication and discussed issues related to military service.

The Office of the Human Rights Defender will sum up the results of the visit and take actions to protect the rights of the borderline residents of Armenia.”

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