July 26
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During the events of November 9 when the statement was to be signed, there was really a topic related to the so-called “enclaves.” Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan, who is also the Prime Ministerial candidate of the ruling Civil Contract party, stated this Friday during their election campaign rally—ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20—in Berd town of Armenia’s Tavush Province.

He noted that there were people who said that the statement should be signed with that version, but they did so that this clause was removed from the statement.

As for the issue of enclaves in the talks, Pashinyan claimed that it has been on the agenda since 1999 and it has always been on the agenda of negotiations. "We believe that there are forms of general logic of the enclaves and the issues related to the enclaves that are defined by international law and practice; that the situation that exists is recorded, that situation is simply left. We [Armenia] also have an enclave under the rule of Azerbaijan: Artsvashen.

Our logic is that as it is now, stay what is under their control, stay there, what is under our control, stay under our control.

But there is a problem. You know that several dozens of kilometers of Armenian territories in Tavush Province are under the control of Azerbaijan. Today, our villages have thousands of hectares of arable land under their control. When the topic came up, we also brought that topic to the negotiations. We said that the issues should be considered in a general context," Pashinyan said.

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