June 13
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President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, who is on an official visit to France, attended the opening of the annual Summit of Minds in Chamonix and delivered a keynote speech, the press service of the President of Armenia reports.

Nearly 100 representatives of different countries held a multilateral discussion on the challenges and problems in the modern world and, in this context, talked about courage and bravery, with its different manifestations.

In his speech, President Sarkissian particularly touched upon the 44-day war that Azerbaijan unleashed against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and the bravery of Armenian soldiers. “I am the president of a nation, the sons of which were in a war with Azerbaijan last year. The 44-day war was not only against Azerbaijan since the latter was at war with the blatant support of Turkey, with its unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.,” President Sarkissian said, adding the following: “Just signing decrees on awarding the fallen soldiers during and after the war was difficult since I was awarding young men whose lives were cut short. They were almost 20 years old and heroically defended their homeland, battling against their “Goliath”.”

Continuing the topic of courage and bravery, President Sarkissian stated that accepting and telling the truth also require bravery and that the reason why there are many problems in the world is because politicians, organizations, individuals, businessmen and cultural figures are not honest.

President Sarkissian invited the participants of the discussion to Armenia to attend the Third Armenian Summit of Minds to be held in Dilijan on October 23-24.

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