May 17
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We have a region and neighbors that we need to think about in terms of GDP and their being various international organizations, their strengths and capabilities. Well-known businessman Khachatur Sukiasyan, a member of the ruling majority “Civil Contract” Faction in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, told this to reporters in the NA Monday—and referring to the Armenian-Turkish talks, whose first meeting in Moscow last week was assessed as "constructive."

"If we shall move to the level of personal posts on social media, we cannot smoothly move Armenia to another platform. There are risks in any process," Sukiasyan added.

To the remark that in case of normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations, Turkey can economically occupy Armenia, the ruling force’s lawmaker responded: "First of all, the Armenians who were born where the Turkish state is now and have lived there for tens of hundreds of generations…As far as I know, high-ranking Turkish officials have said that Armenians feel very good economically here.

Second, up to 200 kilometers beyond our borders—in Turkey’s Kars and other areas—the population there will use many services in Armenia. That's why I myself also have such a message to our medical enterprises to acquire the most up-to-date equipment that works with artificial intelligence. (…). In that case, our doctors have a pretty good education, and it is possible that the [Turkish] locals [nearby Turkey’s Kars] will use [Armenia’s] Gyumri [city], while [those] from the Margara side [of the Turkish border]—will make use of Yerevan. And we will use the services that are developed at their side.”

Asked whether Turkey has given up its preconditions for the normalization of its relations with Armenia, Khachatur Sukiasyan responded: The processes, statements, and realities that may be in the region and on the international platform are often not dependent on us. And the countries that want to build a [Turkic] ‘Turan’ or other unions…other countries more powerful than them may thwart—by using the tools—the plans of countries wishing to form unions. That's why we [i.e., Armenia] have to be smart, not go into everything ourselves, not participate because it is not our job. Our job is to clarify direct relations with our neighbors."

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