May 25
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There is a high probability that Armenia will be invited to the diplomatic forum in Antalya, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during his online press conference on January 24.

Pashinyan said that the format for settling Armenia-Turkey relations has been formed, the first meeting of representatives has taken place, and if this dynamic continues, there is a high probability that Armenia will accept the invitation to participate in this forum.

"Of course, everything depends on the situation at the moment, but in any case, after the first meeting there is an increasing probability that Armenia will accept that invitation. We can state that the whole international community supports the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey. It's true that we are the ones voicing the peace agenda, but I believe the peace agenda is interesting for everyone," he said.

Asked whether establishing diplomatic relations with Turkey is possible this year and how he would comment on the results of the first round, Pashinyan said, "The first round is, so to say, the opening stage, where there is just getting acquainted, technical issues are discussed and, of course, the atmosphere is formed. The fact that the sides have agreed without discussing preconditions will already substantially ease the tension around the process and the negative atmosphere."

Pashinyan said that he cannot foresee whether the establishment of diplomatic relations will take place this year.

"It will be logical if, for example, we achieve such a result, particularly the establishment of diplomatic relations and opening of borders. This process is in the international spotlight. I see a red line in these international analyses: if this process lasts very long without a concrete result, it will simply become an ordinary phenomenon in which both parties and the international community will lose interest," he said.

He also commented on the Armenian-Turkish protocols on establishing diplomatic relations signed in Zurich in 2009.

"In the protocols that were signed in 2009, and there were no preconditions, but later in other contexts, yes, there were preconditions. We can't guarantee that that won't happen. In fact, since the beginning of the political negotiations, the process has been transparent, it has never been in the past," Pashinyan said.

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