July 01
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Public speeches, publications in the media, requests for bonuses to the personnel of the Armenian police in recent days generally create, form an inappropriate idea of ​​​​an emergency, emergency situation in the police system, Armenian Police reported.

The awards were issued both before and after the adoption of the law “On the Remuneration of Persons Holding Public Positions and Public Service Positions” (came into force on July 1, 2014). In particular, after the entry into force of the law, employees of the system were awarded in the amount of one official rate: in 2015-2016 - 3 times, in 2017 - 2 times, in 2018 - 3 times.

Since 2019, a system of monthly bonuses has been introduced, but in addition to this, at the end of the year, a one-time cash reward was issued in the amount of one official rate. In the same manner, in 2020-2021, in addition to monthly bonuses, one-time cash bonuses in the amount of one official rate were provided 2 times.

In May of this year, in addition to monthly bonuses, a bonus in the amount of one official rate was also allocated, as a result of which the average monthly salary of police officers (employees), including the amount of one-time and monthly bonuses, amounted to 283.0 thousand drams.

Summing up, it should be noted that, in accordance with the policy pursued by the Cabinet of Ministers in this area, bonuses are issued solely to increase the attractiveness of police service, and to minimize possible corruption phenomena.

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