October 04
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: On Sunday evening, shots were heard in Nigavan village of Aragatsotn Province, as a result of which 7 people were affected and hospitalized. It turned out yesterday that 3 of them have died. According to the statement disseminated by the police, a hunting rifle was used.

The media wrote that the incident took place on political grounds, as a result of which the authorities’ supporters (including the relatives of the authorities’ representatives) have taken such a step.

The authorities hurried to deny the "political context" and their connection with the mentioned, and the police especially emphasized in the statement that the incident has no political motive, and it took place exclusively on domestic grounds.

However, (…) in particular in Aparan [city] they note that in fact the tragic incident took place on political grounds.

In connection with all this, a number of new details have become known to Past newspaper. In particular, according to our source, after the incident [PM] Nikol Pashinyan organized an emergency meeting in the Sevan government summer house, which was attended not only by the Chief of Police and other law enforcement officials, but also a number of key representatives of the [ruling] Civil Contract [Party]. The meeting lasted until late at night (…).

According to the newspaper’s information, Pashinyan first of all instructed not to circulate the incident and not to "publicize" the topic unnecessarily. Moreover, he especially emphasized that no one to give comments, and the law enforcement officers should emphasize the apolitical nature of the incident.

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