October 03
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Secretary of Artsakh Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan yesterday together with Azerbaijani officials visited Berdzor village and showed houses of its residents, which will be handed over to Azeris in the coming days, Berdzor resident Satik Asatryan told

According to her, Berdzor residents gathered in the center of the village and suddenly they see Vitaly Balasanyan walking with Azerbaijani generals. "And it's not the first time he walks quietly with the Turks, we saw him at the Shushi checkpoints as well, how he talked nicely with them. And the Azerbaijanis are already looking at our houses, Vitaly showed them and assured them that no one would burn or tear down the houses, everything was normal. Can you imagine our condition?

"One very brave woman from our Berdzorians came up to Vitaly and said: Not only have you sold all our lands, but you also instructed the people not to cause any damage, for what? People have lived here for years, created here, and you say: close the doors with keys and hand them over to the managers. Have we also been sold together with Lachin? Vitaly looked at us in surprise, then they got into the car and drove away. Is it possible to do such a thing?" Asatryan complained.

"We tried to find out this information from Vitaly Balasanyan himself, but he did not answer our phone calls and our written inquiry," notes.

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