September 25
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The parents of the "Tsor" military unit servicemen, who died in the 44-day Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) war in the fall of 2020, have petitioned to the prosecutor's office of Armenia, demanding that a criminal case be launched against the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. Jivan Mikayelyan, whose son Artak was one of the 21 artillerymen of the aforementioned military unit who died in the above-said war, told this to a press conference Thursday.

According to Jivan Mikayelyan, the main reason for opening this criminal case is that the parents of these fallen soldiers had called the MOD hotline where they were told that there was no information about the whereabouts of these servicemen. Moreover, according to Mikayelyan, they were assured by the MOD that there is no need to worry.

"They didn't know the situation, or they were deceiving us," added Jivan Mikayelyan.

The remains of 19 of the 21 fallen soldiers of the "Tsor" military division in Artsakh were found and buried more than a year after the 44-day war, while two other servicemen are still missing.

There is a criminal case already opened regarding the death of these soldier, and the separate part of this case is in court.

The commander of these servicemen, Gevorg Gevorgyan, is charged along the lines of this criminal case and is in custody. He is accused of inaction by authorities in order to save his own life, which has caused serious consequences. But he does not accept this charge against him.

The relatives of the aforesaid fallen servicemen demand that Jalal Harutyunyan, the former commander of the Artsakh Defense Army, be charged in this case as well. According to them, their sons were killed because of Harutyunyan's erroneous order.

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