November 29
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If the Armenian diaspora does everything in an organized manner, a serious result can be achieved in terms of imposing targeted sanctions on Azerbaijan. Edmon Marukyan, Ambassador-at-Large of Armenia and Chairman of the Bright Armenia Party (BAP), stated about this live on Facebook.

Marukyan noted that BAP representatives have prepared a list of 136 Western companies operating in Azerbaijan.

He announced plans to publicize the entire list, and called on these companies to launch appropriate actions and carry out targeted actions.

Marukyan recalled that international companies have a task of maintaining their good image.

"Isn't it a shame for a Western company which respects human rights and freedoms to continue its activities in Azerbaijan, in a country that has attacked a neighboring country, committed war crimes and atrocities, and does not allow the removal of the bodies of those killed? [Azerbaijani president] Aliyev goes to Europe, talks about his willingness to increase [natural] gas supply, and makes toasts to European officials.

It is necessary to show the western companies that they should be ashamed to continue working in Azerbaijan, to enrich the one who spends this money on killing innocent people, attacks democracy," Marukyan emphasized.

In his opinion, it is enough for a few western companies to start discussing the matter of leaving Azerbaijan, it is enough for a few western countries to start discussing the matter of imposing sanctions on Azerbaijan, so that the latter’s military leave Armenia very quickly and return to their initial positions as of November 9, 2020.

Marukyan expressed hope that the Armenian diaspora will get organized and start the campaign in this regard.

"We should use the capabilities of the [Armenian] church as well. This is not a political problem, but a problem of defense of Armenia. It is necessary to wage a network campaign so that the authorities of Azerbaijan feel the threat of sanctions," he said.

The Armenian politician assured that at the political level, Armenian diplomats are doing everything in order for foreign countries to condemn the Azerbaijani military aggression against Armenia, and to demand the withdrawal of the Azerbaijani armed forces from the territory of Armenia.

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