March 29
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If the West really seriously adhered to OSCE principles, establishment of peaceful coexistence on the territories of all OSCE states, including national minorities, it should have adhered to the necessity of ensuring the inviolability of the Armenian population in Nagorno Karabakh and protecting it, German political analyst Alexander Rahr told the Force Factor program of Armenian

"The West has other goals which contradict it," he said. They are aiming at pushing Russia out of the Caucasus and isolation of Iran.

"Resistance to Russian influence in Europe and Iran is more important to Europeans than the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. In addition, Europe has missed the opportunity to create economic prerequisites for further expansion in the South Caucasus, and it is also inferior in this respect to China.

"The EU has no money for the periphery, including Armenia. But Europe's energy security depends on Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is becoming a strategic partner of the European Union, despite all the criticism concerning Baku over the past years", the political scientist noted.

He explained that they keep silent in the West as they do not want to offend Azerbaijan. They need Azerbaijan as a partner in the sphere of energy security. Europe needs energy stability, and Azerbaijan can ensure it together with Turkey.

"Therefore, Armenia needs to integrate into the new alliance of Russia and Iran or try to establish relations with Turkey. Such attempts have already been made in Armenia, although from a moral and historical point of view it is very difficult. Turkey itself is moving away from the West and looks more towards the Eurasian space and wants to become one of the poles in the new multipolar system of the world, a Eurasian player, realizing that it will never be taken into the European Union. At the same time Ankara remains in NATO and it is not beneficial to leave the Alliance and start its own game," Rahr noted.

The expert warned that in case the nationalist forces in Turkey strengthen, one can see other trends that can be characterized as an attempt to recreate the influence of the Ottoman Empire.

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