February 28
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The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia has exposed a case of terrorism preparations by a team, Armenian learns from the NSS press center.

Accordingly, it was found that during the current year, five identified persons and several others whose identities have not yet been determined prepared to carry out an explosion and some other public-threatening acts in Armenia, as well as to break into Armenian state and some other buildings in order to disrupt the activities of Armenian authorities.

But they could not start carrying out these actions because the latter were exposed by the NSS of Armenia.

The aforesaid five members of this criminal group have been prosecuted and charged.

They have been taken into custody as a preventive measure.

Also, searches were carried out in this regard. As a result firearms, ammunition, one signal explosive device, one signal rocket launcher device, one flying device and two gas cylinders that are supposed to be attached to this device, two sharp tools, a container full of ammunition fragments, bulletproof vest, military uniforms, targeting device, handcuffs, telecommunication devices, video surveillance devices, computers, mobile phones, electronic drives, about a dozen Armenian and Russian communication operators in closed boxes, unused phone cards, solar battery, notebooks containing various notes, documents on preparations for carrying out a terrorist attack, etc. were found.

It turned out that this terrorist operation being prepared was names "Northern Leaf Drop." And after its implementation, it was planned to open Ukrainian and Moldovan Telegram channels under the names "National Salvation Uprising," and to activate these channels and activists the day before the start of these terrorist operations.

And for the implementation of these criminal activities, it was planned to acquire first aid supplies in advance, as well as to relocate the families of the members of this criminal group to Georgia.

The actions to seize buildings were carefully planned, symbols were planned to be left at the attack sites, locations of static objects were predetermined, as well as the sequence and procedure of carrying out other actions to complete this criminal activity, as well as the distribution of leaflets and other actions to include others.

The criminal investigation is ongoing.

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