March 03
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A number of points have been agreed upon, and some have not yet been agreed upon in the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiation process. And whatever we talk about here, everything will be discussed at one level or another. Gevorg Papoyan, a member of the majority faction in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia and the Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, told this to reporters Monday in the NA.

Commenting on the possible return of Azerbaijani refugees to Armenia, Papoyan said. "Armenia's position is as follows: everything should happen reciprocally. If something will not happen for us, then [it] will not happen for Azerbaijan either. In this context, I believe the best option should be to maintain this status quo; i.e. neither coming nor going. In the future, when the times of the climate of peace that I noted really come, and that opportunity exists, I believe not a large number, but a limited number of people will perhaps make use of that right of theirs. But it won't be an organized process. The best solution is that we keep this status quo."

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