April 14
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Still four years ago, we warned that the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations will not go forward without a certain agreement on Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, and Turkey's statement that “we are going to the normalization relations without preconditions,” the actual authorities of Armenia, in the person of Ruben Rubinyan, admitted that Turkey has preconditions and is not fulfilling the promised steps. Armenian turkologist Andranik Ispiryan stated this in an interview with Armenian

"Ruben Rubinyan [deputy speaker of the Armenian parliament and special representative of Armenia for the normalization of relations with Turkey], both in his private conversation and in a special interview with CNN Turk, accused Turkey in a rather detailed and very specific way of not fulfilling the agreement, of [not] opening the borders, and of the lack of political will to normalize the relations [with Armenia]. It was pleasing that finally, after four years, the Armenian authorities understood how things are.

But the process is not moving forward, as Turkey is waiting for the normalization of relations, for some kind of agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Until it is signed, Turkey is avoiding the process of opening real borders and normalizing real relations with Armenia," said the turkologist.

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