June 19
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The OSCE is ready to contribute to the progress and implementation of agreements between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This was stated by the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Malta's Minister for Foreign, European Affairs and Trade, Ian Borg, in an interview with APA.

"The political and security situation on the ground is very dynamic, from appearing stable to - at times - fragile. This is why we will continue to monitor it closely. Having said that, and despite the significant challenges that lie ahead, I am cautiously optimistic and aware of the opportunities that sustainable peace would bring. There is progress on border delimitation, which constitutes steps towards a possible peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, a lasting, long-term settlement continues to demand significant compromise and considerable political will from both sides, and an understanding in society that bold steps and pragmatism are necessary. We need a constant dialogue on an equal footing and pragmatism to achieve sustainable peace.

It is also clear that a durable and sustainable settlement would be further strengthened by active, complementary support and engagement of the international community. In this regard, with the OSCE’s comprehensive set of tools and decades of experience, we stand ready to assist and complement the efforts of Azerbaijanis and Armenians, in the interest of peace, security and stability," said Borg.

Being reminded that he had noted that OSCE is aware that the parties prefer bilateral level talks, Borg explained: " My focus is simple: I want to actively support Armenia and Azerbaijan in their efforts to normalise their bilateral relations through comprehensive and inclusive dialogue, which is the path they have taken and should be accompanied by international partners where possible.

The increased pattern in the peace negotiations is noteworthy and its continuation essential, and the OSCE is fully committed to backing both bilateral and multilateral efforts, where applicable and required, directed towards this end. Pursuing diplomacy and employing peaceful means remain the only viable path to securing a lasting resolution that adheres to the fundamental principles and commitments of the OSCE.

As the current Chair, Malta, along with the broader OSCE framework, stands ready to offer our good offices and communication channels. Our platform is uniquely positioned, driven by a clear interest in cultivating peace and fostering regional co-operation in the South Caucasus."

"As a representative of an important organisation, the OSCE, I have repeatedly welcomed the progress made in the delimitation of the border. And I have made clear our support for a constructive and meaningful continuation of this process. As Chair-in-Office of the OSCE and as Foreign Minister of Malta, I believe that there is no alternative but to pursue the path of diplomacy," added the OSCE Chairman-in-Office.

And referring to his recent visit to the region, Borg noted: "My focus during this visit is to look forward and to emphasize that there is a clear path ahead. Our commitment remains strong, and we are dedicated to facilitating dialogue and understanding to move towards a lasting peace. The OSCE stands ready to engage, from dealing with the consequences of conflict for all affected women, men, children and elderly, but also to help advancing and implementing the agreements themselves.”

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