September 23
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The document of the European Commission on foreign policy about changing the mandate of France on settling the Karabakh conflict with EU mandate in OSCE Minsk Group (MG) will not increase the efficiency of the efforts of OSCE MG, head of the Central Information Department of the Office of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic President David Babayan told Armenian

According to him, changing the mandate will not improve the work of OSCE MG.

“What will it give? Nothing. After all, it is not because of France that the settlement of the conflict stumbles but because of the unconstructive disposition of Azerbaijan. France does not play a negative role, it is just the opposite. The problem is in Azerbaijan that does not want to change its disposition,” he pointed out.

David Babayan mentioned that during all those years of its existence OSCE MG has achieved many positive results and any attempt to interfere or restructure the format will lead to endangering the negotiations.

Babayan reminded the words of US co-chair to the OSCE MG Robert Bradtke, who had stated that even if it has been possible to achieve something in 20 years, that is better than nothing. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is complicated and it cannot be settled by a pre-given plan. OSCE MG has achieved many results and it would be right to continue in that direction.

Earlier, the European Commission on Foreign Policy adopted a document on Armenia which foresees to replace France’s mandate with EU’s in OSCE MG.

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