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“5N1K” program on Turkey’s CNN Turk television covered the story of 21-year-old Narine Mkrtchyan, who had gone from Armenia to Istanbul with her stepfather and half-brother, and who was sexually blackmailed by two Turkish brothers and subsequently had committed suicide.

The program’s special guest was Istanbul’s Agos Armenian bilingual weekly’s reporter Lilit Gasparyan, who wrote about Narine’s suicide. Gasparyan noted that it was after when she covered Narine’s suicide story that virtually all Turkish media began reflecting on this incident. 

In Lilit Gasparyan’s words, it was only after when Agos informed about this story that the brothers who caused Narine to commit suicide were arrested.

“This was an example of the difficulties and loneliness of the immigrants [in Turkey], and how women are subjected to violence every day,” Agos’ reporter stated.

As Armenian informed earlier, the two Turkish brothers, who caused Armenian citizen Narine Mkrtchyan to commit suicide in Istanbul, are taken into custody.

The arrestee Orhan Okumus noted that he was considering marrying Narine, and he had gone to bed with her several times, Agos informs. Orhan claimed that Narine had told him she was raped by her stepfather, and, after hearing this, he refused to marry Narine. 

“I told Narine that I don’t want to marry her. She committed suicide several days thereafter,” Orhan said, and claimed he had not taken naked pictures of Narine in secret and had not blackmailed her.  

Narine’s brother Zhora informed that Narine was in love with Orhan, but the latter was cheating on her. After having sex with Narine, Orhan somehow managed to take naked pictures of her, Agos informed. Then, Orhan’s brother Baris tried to persuade her to live together by blackmailing her with the photographs. But having been refused, he showed the pictures to Narine’s brother. As a result, Narine and her brother started arguing, and Zhora slapped her in the face.

Orhan and his brother started blackmailing Narine, demanding money and threatening to post her naked pictures on the Internet. And being unable to cope with this situation, the girl ultimately committed suicide.

Narine’s stepfather discovered her body, but they did not report this to the police, since they were staying in Turkey illegally.

Having been informed about Narine’s death, her  mother went to Turkey, and she reported the incident to the police.

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