Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 23.10.19:

·       U.S. lawmakers are considering a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide, NPR reported on Tuesday.

“House lawmakers are also considering bringing up both a Turkey sanctions bill and a bill recognizing the Armenian genocide. Congress has previously debated whether to label what happened in 1915 — the period when roughly 1.5 million Armenians were killed — as ‘genocide.’ The Turkish government has historically strongly opposed this recognition and is expected to oppose both efforts,” the article reads.

·       Armenian Caucus Co-Chair, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, was speaking at Helsinki Commission hearing on Armenia, in support of increased US aid for Armenia's democratic reforms, ANCA reported.

According her, she is very grateful that her amendment to allocate additional $40 million in democracy aid to Armenia has received a resound in 268 of votes.

“We must continue to highlight Armenia’s progress, assist its government and partner with its parliamentarians,” she said.

·       World must learn about modern Armenia, said the head of the French department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Lauren Laurent Wauquier at an evening in Yerevan dedicated to friendship with Armenia within the French delegation visit to Armenia.

According to him, communicating with the Armenian community, you are impressed by its warmth, friendliness, and hospitality, he noted.

The delegation also visited Armenian Genocide memorial.

France should criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide, he said in this regard.

“The question arises - why Turkey stubbornly refuses to recognize the Genocide? Turkey should act like Germany, and France should criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide,” he said.

Touching upon Artsakh issue, he said that Artsakh people are masters of their destiny.

“For our part, we must promote a fair settlement,” he said.

·       The town of Sant Hilari Sacalm in Catalonia has recognized the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Embassy in Spain wrote on Facebook. 

The City Council has approved a motion on recognition of the Armenian Genocide which had been submitted by Ararat Armenian Union.

·       The Samuel Moorat Armenian College in Sevres, France, has been attacked, Armenia’s Ambassador to France Hasmik Tolmajian wrote on her Twitter.

The ambassador has condemned this act of vandalism.

“We are gravely concerned about repeated vandalism against the Armenian Samuel College Moorat of Sèvres. These acts must not go unpunished,” she tweeted.