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YEREVAN. – The thought of being granted US citizenship, which has become an objective for numerous Armenian citizens, is increasing year after year; this is evidenced by the data which the US embassy in capital city Yerevan provided to Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Time) newspaper, according to the latter.

“The embassy provided us a statistical database, where it is noted how many [Armenian] citizens applied to them for a [US] Green Card, how many people have been issued a visa lottery, so that they later apply to the US government to get [US] citizenship. The most recent [respective] data is from 2015, since the results of the 2016 lottery have not yet been finalized.

“In 2015 alone, 56 thousand 519 applications for Green Card were logged from Armenia, [and] which contained the data of 131 thousand 88 [Armenian] citizens. 

“From the 56 thousand 519 applications that were logged from Armenia in 2015, the computer randomly selected 2 thousand 49 applicants, who first received US visas, whereupon they can apply for [US] citizenship,” wrote Haykakan Zhamanak.

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