January 19
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YEREVAN. –  In fact, there is no excuse for not recognizing the Armenian Genocide, former U.S. ambassador to UN Samantha Power said during a discussion in Yerevan.

According to her, going into the White House, Obama made it clear that his views have not changed. However, then he considered that the process of normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations is at an important and fragile stage. Then when it was the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Turkey granted access to the base for the fight against ISIS.

"However, this is no excuse for that," she said, adding that there will always be a number of circumstances not to recognize it.

Speaking about the reasons why the US does not recognize the Armenian Genocide, Power noted that Turkey is a big and strong ally, and Erdogan's threats could be taken seriously.

However, just 20 years ago it was impossible to imagine that many countries, such as Germany could recognize the Genocide, or the Pope, so it is possible that new generations in the US will act differently.

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