February 23
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YEREVAN.- I understand that there is a government that has its own approaches, but our people must also hear another opinion. The second president of Armenia Robert Kocharian said in the interview with Yerkir Media television.

"No one deprived me and others of the right to have a different opinion and to voice it. Today I just do that. Should not be an alternative opinion in this country? " asked the former president. 

According to Robert Kocharyan, the event that happened in Armenia wasn't revolution at all.

"Revolution, revolution ... Personally I do not think it was a revolution, I'm saying it sincerely. These events do not fall under any definition of the revolution. But they like this word, let it be used. In my opinion, they use this word for one reason - if there is a revolution, that is also a counter-revolution. And the achievements of this revolution must be defended while fighting the counter-revolutionaries, "Kocharian said.

According to him, it seems that there is an attempt to divide the political field in Armenia into black and white. And this is done intentionally

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