May 29
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Blogger Alexander Lapshin wrote a post on his Facebook page under the heading of "They killed a blogger."

In his post, he noted about the brutal killing of the Azerbaijani blogger Mehman Galandarov and keeping of the second Azerbaijani blogger, Mehman Huseynov, at the remand facility.

“I know the two Azerbaijani bloggers, they're both named Mehman. I have met Mehman Galandarov, who was brutally murdered in the Kurdakhani prison in Baku at the end of April 2017, personally and I was the last person who saw him alive. I was kept in the same prison at the same time," he noted adding that he doesn't meet the second Azerbaijani blogger personally.

"I know about him from the mass media. Today he is being held in the same Baku detention center in Kurdakhani on fabricated charges," as a revange to his brother Emin Huseynov, a well-known journalist and human rights activist living in Switzerland.

"I met with the late Mehman Galandarov by chance. His face was unfamiliar to me. But the man told me “Alexander, hello! I am also a blogger. You probably don’t know me, and I saw you on TV. My name is Mehman. Help me, they will kill me here ... ". I answered him that I had no idea how I could help him, since I myself was abducted here and held illegally. We could no longer talk, the jailers rudely ordered to shut up. The only thing I could do for him was to convey information about him when meeting with the ambassadors of Russia and Israel, who periodically visited me in prison. Those took note.

After being freed from Azerbaijani captivity and returning to Israel, I began to look for this man. I asked some Azerbaijani friends and they said that this person was Mehman Galandarov, a Baku-based blogger convicted for writing something critical about Ilham Aliyev.

It turned out that the blogger Mehman Galandarov was brutally murdered in prison just three days after our random meeting in the corridor. The authorities declared that he allegedly “hanged himself”, exactly as they had said about me. Although, as we know, four bastards broke into my cell, beat and strangled, then hung up in the toilet to simulate a suicide, But I was lucky," Lapshin noted.

"But  blogger Mehman Galandarov was killed, and then was secretly buried his body in the city cemetery, by simply digging a hole and throwing off a lifeless blogger into it. Without a monument, without a sign. Relatives  many days refused to report what happened. Despite a serious scandal, the Baku authorities managed to “hush up” the case, and the crime was never solved. The killers were not punished.

Now they are keeping the blogger Mehman Huseynov, in the same prison there is still the same brigade of murderers that killed Mehman Galandarov. I'm scared for the guy's life ... ", - wrote Alexander Lapshin.


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