March 23
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As an important military and political factor in the region, Artsakh has long been a provider of security and a de facto contributor to regional stabilit, Artsakh FM Masis Mayilian said in an interview to Mediamax.

“For instance, Artsakh unilaterally installed a 24/7 video surveillance system at the Line of Contact with its own state funds, which could become a part of the ceasefire supervision mechanism. The international mediators were able to get familiar with the system.

When we speak of Artsakh Republic’s readiness to take de jure the responsibility for regional peace, the first thing we mean is that Artsakh must be fully involved in the peace talks and share the responsibility for the future of the region equally with other signatories of the legally binding peace treaty,” he said.

Asked to comment what initiatives are being taken for the international recognition of Artsakh, Artsakh international recognition is number one priority for us

“International recognition is number one priority in our foreign policy agenda. Currently, recognition is coming at the level of administrative regions and cities all over the world. The Foreign Ministry of Artsakh is working consistently on giving additional impetus to the positive tendencies we see in the process of international recognition.

Simultaneously, we work towards expansion and deepening of decentralized cooperation and external ties. Last year we expanded to the Middle East. In total, six cities in Artsakh and other countries established friendly relations in 2018,” the PM concluded.

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