October 15
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DW has published a video material about Astrid Artin-Lousikkian, who was born in France as a granddaughter of the Armenian Genocide survivors. 

Astrid says as a teenager she began to ask questions about her background.

“My grandfather has always said about the village they stayed until the Armenian Genocide. They left it with a feeling of injustice of having suffered a collective form of violence. This has been passed to me,” she noted.

Her grandparents have counted themselves among the lucky ones compared to more than a million Armenian who had been murdered by the Ottoman Turks.

“Only two of the 15 members of my granddads have survived. One of them was taken to the concentration camp. He got out  from there and spent the next four years moving from country to country and then came to France in 1924,” she added.

Astrid has made her best to find more information about her past, the source noted adding that she is a history teacher and works as a volunteer at the NGO that collects documents on the Armenian survivors, but for her this is also “a fight for justice”.

“This helps me complete my identity. I find the missing puzzles of my own story. It’s our duty to gather evidence of what happened. Especially when Turkey still denies that there was a Genocide,” she noted.

According to her, as France marks day of remembrance of the Armenian genocide, it is very important that the commemoration ceremony now has a legal framework, but France and another EU states need to go further and should create laws to make the denial of the Armenian Genocide illegal.

“It’s incredible that this is still goes unpunished,” she added.

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