May 22
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reminded his last year’s position on Amulsar issue to his opponents.

The PM began his meeting on Amulsar issue by quoting his own last year’s statement.

Pashinyan recalled that in his statement of June 25, 2018, he called for an end to civil disobedience and allow the government to deal with the issue.

“I want to understand the reasons for acts of civil disobedience, because the goal can give rise to a double understanding, and we are now trying to understand what exactly is happening. Which goal is more correct. I urge to cease civil disobedience and enable the government to ascertain the facts and made a decision based on the facts. All decisions must be factual,” he said adding that they cannot make decisions if they are not sure for 100%.

“I hope everyone understands that the government is not connected with Amulsar, nor with another mine, nor with anyone else's corruption or other ties. There is no subject in the relationship with whom we are shackled by something. But in any case, our actions should be based on facts, and we ask you to give us such an opportunity. I ask you not to tell us what should be so, and not otherwise. We will search for objective facts and our possible solution will be based on facts, regardless of what these facts will be. We invite everyone to a dialogue,” the Prime Minister quoted as saying, also recalling that he called on opponents a year ago to help gather facts. “Because the reality may be different than it seems, and the goal is different than what is stated. This is our position,” he recalled.

As reported earlier, opponents of the development of the Amulsar filed indicate the failure of the examination, which may become the basis for the development of the field.

The examination was carried out on the basis of the data provided by Lydian, but even it indicates the impossibility to calculate all the risks associated with the operation of the mine.

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