November 21
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It is too early to talk about the end of the Syrian conflict, and if the Turks entered the North of Syria, this means that Ankara was able to negotiate with Washington, Moscow, and Damascus, Sargis Grigoryan, a researcher told reporters commenting on the military operation of the Turkish armed forces and the Turkish armed forces of the Syrian opposition “Source of Peace” in the north of the Syrian Arab Republic.

At the same time, he noted that the Turkish offensive was made possible mainly due to the consent obtained from the US.

“Time will tell how far the Turks intend to go, but it is already obvious that the picture is worse than we could imagine,” he said.

He also drew attention to the fact that the Turkish army, which entered the northern regions of Syria, is difficult to consider "national" in the classical sense of the term, since there are Islamists and various Turkish groups that commit violence both against civilians, and Kurdish prisoners of war.

“It can already be noted that the Kurds, apparently, came to an agreement with Damascus, and the Syrian army begins to occupy areas that are still controlled by Kurdish rebels. I think this may hinder the further advancement of the Turkish troops,” the expert explained, adding that the final result will depend on whether Damascus, Ankara, and Moscow can agree, taking into account Washington’s interests.

At the same time, Grigoryan noted that any agreements on Syria, as a rule, are local in nature, and there has never been a global solution to the problem.

The official announcement of the start of the operation was made by the Turkish president on October 9 of this year.

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