November 27
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Years ago before when police officer Derek Chauvin suffocated African-American George Floyd to death with his knees, the third police precinct in southern Minneapolis where Chauvin worked had a bad reputation as its police officer played by their own rules, according to Star Tribune.

The newspaper also notes a number of cases of violence against those detained by the police. For example, a policeman had hit the jawbone of a handcuffed man who was apprehended, breaking it. In the other case, these policemen had severely beaten a suspect in drug possession at a parking lot.

Moreover, the newspaper notes that in 2007-2017, the City of Minneapolis had to pay $2.1 million to settle disputes over lawsuits involving the third police precinct.

Judges were dismissing cases on horrific behavior, and prosecutors were forced to drop charges related to illegal searches.

The aggressive behavior, which was also shown towards Floyd, has long been a standard of practice with those apprehended by the police of the third precinct.

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