January 25
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Leader of Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan’s attorneys have submitted a report on a crime to the Prosecutor General of Armenia, as reported Tsarukyan’s attorney Emin Khachatryan.

Presses had released information about a case of gang rape that Gagik Tsarukyan had participated in years ago.

Who should be brought to justice, if the release of the case was unlawful? In response, Khachatryan said the following: “Somebody surely has to be brought to justice, but since Armenian legislation clearly prescribes that decisions rendered during closed-door hearings aren’t subject to be released, they are imperative demands and contain elements of the Criminal Code. In addition, not everyone has access to those documents. In essence, my fellow attorneys and I believe the documents became known to third parties as a result of release by or negligence of an official or abuse of powers by the official. We have also asked to institute a criminal case under elements of abuse of official position.”

When asked who could have been the person abusing official position, the attorney said the following: “At this moment, I am only assuming. If we explore the documents, we will see that the documents are numbered with a pen or pencil in the upper right corner. Based on this, we can deduce that the documents were taken out of an archival case. The case was kept in the archives and was taken out. If the court sends a decision or judgment to ordinary people and lawyers, the judgments aren’t numbered.”

Emin Khachatryan stressed the fact that if this case was released, the decision of the Court of Cassation of Armenia of the year 2001 acquitting Gagik Tsarukyan should have also been released.

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