February 27
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Deputy of the Prosperous Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Naira Zohrabyan has posted the following on her Facebook page:

“The body of the grandmother of Mariam Malkhasyan from Gyumri is missing…Commandant Avinyan and Minister of Health, can you tell us where we can go to search for the body of the grandmother who died from the coronavirus?

Mariam Malkhasyan wrote to me and then called me on the phone telling me that on the morning of June 29, her grandmother died from the coronavirus at Grigor Lusavorich Clinic, but she and her family haven’t been able to find the woman’s body to this day.

For a moment, I thought the girl was playing a joke on me and I decided to talk to her. The rest of the story about the missing body of the grandmother is a shame and a disgrace. The grandmother dies on June 29, and the relatives are told that they can receive the woman’s body at the anatomical clinic in the city of Abovyan. Mariam’s brother has been trying to find the woman’s body at the anatomical clinic for the past two days, but there is no body. Moreover, overlooking the risk of getting infected, the young man enters the anatomical clinic and tries to find his grandmother’s body among the other bodies, but fails.

The relatives obviously addressed the Commandant’s Office, which referred them to the Ministry of Health which, in its turn, referred them to the Commandant’s Office. At the end, they contacted the police, but the grandmother’s body hasn’t been found to this day.

The relatives managed to find out from other sources that the custodian who had transferred the body to the anatomical clinic hadn’t read the name and last name of the grandmother carefully, and totally different people have most likely received the body and most likely buried it already.

My question is the following: Do you really not understand what you’re doing and that none of you will be able to avoid liability?

I express my condolences to Mariam’s family and, frankly, I don’t know what to say…”

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