July 24
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Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan published—on his Facebook page—the national goals of the Armenian people. It reads as follows, in particular:

"National goals

The national goals of the Armenian people are:

- Ensuring the ideological, security, public, political, legal, economic, demographic, international, educational, intellectual, cultural—institutional—conditions necessary for the eternity of the Armenian state.

- International recognition of Artsakh's [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] right to self-determination without any restrictions.

- International recognition of the Armenian Genocide, overcoming and eliminating the consequences.

- Ensuring the security, welfare, freedom and happiness, as well as other well-known rights of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

- Equality of all before the law, equality of women and men, ensuring equal opportunities for women and men to participate in public, state, economic life, establishment of national unity based on protection of rights and the fulfillment of responsibilities.

- Preservation and development of the national-state identity, autonomy and sovereignty of the Armenian people, including the restoration and development of national identity (…).

- Consolidation of the pan-Armenian potential around the realization of national goals for the preservation and development of national values.

Pan-Armenian rules of coexistence

1. Violence must be excluded from the mechanism for the resolution of any internal Armenian issue. (…).

2. The people and their free will is the only source of forming power. (…).

3. The sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenian people is the highest value. (…).

4. Armenia and Artsakh must be free from corruption. (…).

5. The rule of law and rule, equality before the law, protection of rights and fulfillment of duties must become the core of national relations. (…).

6. The purpose of the negotiation process for the settlement of the Artsakh issue should be the protection of the results of the Artsakh liberation war for the self-determination and security of the people of Artsakh. As a result of the negotiations, any solution considered acceptable for the governments of Armenia and Artsakh can be considered acceptable only in case of popular approval in Armenia and Artsakh.

We and the world

Throughout its history, Armenia has been in the "west of the east" and in the "east of the west," often becoming the scene of a clash of civilizations. We reject the presumption of a clash of civilizations and position ourselves in international relations as advocates of a dialogue of civilizations. International and inter-ethnic dialogue is our key vision of foreign relations—based on mutual respect, to understand and striving to be understood.

Promoting dialogue and multilateral relations between civilizations, peoples and nations shall become an expression of our commitment to promoting international peace and stability. Armenia is ready to become a platform for such a dialogue."

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